Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nail Biting Cure: Jesus Helped Me to Stop Biting My Nails

After nearly 38 years of gnawing, I finally am cured from biting my nails. 
Yes, Jesus helped me.
You see, I was born-again 8 years ago and the Lord has been helping me to perfect myself.  I didn't think that this would translate over to nail biting but it did.

See, if a person is seeking the Lord and obeying Him, He is able to help them get to the root of certain issues.  He is a revealer of secrets.  So to make a long story short, I suddenly realized the root issue of biting my nail.

Some people think that it is just a bad habit.  Or a nervous habit.  Some try to cure you with polishes or a full set of acrylics - which I did for many years and then stopped.  Acrylics only cover the problem.

But it was much deeper for me because I had family members telling me to stop every time they saw me.  I would stop for a few seconds and then go back at it again when I wasn't paying attention.  They could not help me and I could not help myself.

Then I really took some time to think about what was at the heart of the issue because I learned from the Lord that when you knowingly or unknowingly allow the devil to plant seeds that have roots that are buried, those roots become full grown weeds.  So that you don't understand why something is so difficult to stop and you even think it's just a part of who you are.  So I began to search out the deeper issue.

What I found was that I am a perfectionist.  (surprise!)  Every time I saw an imperfection in my nail, I had the urge to immediately fix it.  I mean, I just had to fix it!  The funny thing is, they are so ugly - did fixing it really matter? 
Nearly 38 years:  Just one month ago:  Look at #2 in the line up.  That's a bad nail biter.
 Can you spot the imperfections that I thought must be bitten off?

Okay, look closer . . .
Click on it to see it closer.
Click on it to see it closer.
Click on it to see it closer.
Isn't that crazy?

Okay, so I confessed but the great thing is that I have been set free.  Check out my nails 2 weeks later.
Click to see enlarged photo.
I got to this point by speaking to my imperfection.  I would say things like, "I don't need to fix you," "Imperfections are fine."  "In the name of Jesus, I am a conqueror and I choose not to fix that imperfection."  In other words, I stated the opposite of what I used to think because of the Lord's revelation in my life and believed my new found thought.

This also reminds me of how the Lord's Word tells us to capture every thought unto the obedience of Christ.  Our thoughts can be so imprisoning and we have the key.  Plus, there is power in Jesus' name! 
My nails 4 weeks later. Taken one-handed because no one was around to take a picture of both hands.
At 2 weeks, you should invest in a file and file in one direction only because back and forth will tear up your nail.  (Unless you have a crystal file.)  There is evidence of some habit when your hand goes to your mouth but it is easy to stop because the root problem was taken care of.

At 4 weeks, I noticed a new thing called crud.  Nail biters don't have crud because they bite off the free edge.  Investing in a clipper is important in order to clean out the nail and clip those 'unrulies' that come.  And keep speaking to the nail imperfections!

It is also important to refrain from using your new nails as tools and also keep your hands away from your mouth.  Sometimes I would just let my fingers rest on my front teeth  or lips while watching a movie or sitting at a desk . . . uhhgg.  But now, those things are easy to avoid and I no longer have the severe urge to bite.  Yay!

One month to healthy nails for even the worst nail biter - if you bite yours, you might be a perfectionist.  But remember, perfecting yourself isn't wrong - but obsessing over a wrong thought is.  That is why the Word specifically says to take captive every thought unto His obedience.  (Not your own obedience - the god of your belly whether you realize it or not.)  What is causing you to eat yourself up or spit yourself out?

2 Corinthians 10:5 
Proverbs 18:21 

4 1/2 weeks to nice nails
Look at the first picture again to be inspired to give God the glory.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I was looking for Bible verses I could say to encourage me and help me stop when I wanted to bite my nails and found your blog. God is good! I will definitely be using the sayings you used. I plan to put them up at work and especially in my van (where I tend to bite them the most). Thank you, thank you, thank you! May God continue to bless and perfect you :)

  2. Stephanie EadesTuesday, July 16, 2013

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been bite-free for 6 days now, which is the longest I have ever gone in my entire life without biting (im 25). I know I can do this! You explaining that the biting was more about perfection than it was a habit REALLY enlightened me and made me see that I need to stop biting. My nails are FAR worse than yours were at the start, but I am confident that in time they will improve. Thanks again for the post! I was searching for encouragement regarding this subject and found your blog here and favorited it :)


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