Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top 5 Simple Steps To Extreme Coupon In Florida

  1.  Have the Sunday paper delivered to your home.  Pay attention to the store ads that come through the mail too.  Only cut the coupons you will use. 
  2. You have to create a coupon system.  This means you will need a binder.  I use the INPLACE binder system found at Office Max for couponing and for homeschool records.  The binders have a band closure and they are see-through for putting ads in.  They are flexible too.  You can add the inserts you want to carry your coupons.
  3. Plan to become organized.  Couponing is not for lazy people because you must go through your coupons and toss the old and replace the new.  Also, use your larger shopping bag and place your coupon binder and other reusable shopping bags into this one bag.  This way you will not forget your bags or coupons for each shopping trip.
  4. You must make a list of the brands that you use because then when you look for coupons online, you will already know what you are looking for and it will cut down on time.  You can also go a step further and begin recording the best prices that you find for each of these brands.  (For instance, 2/$4 on Classico Pasta Sauce (many are gluten-free) or BuyOneGetOne Free save $2.95 on Classico.  The second is clearly the better deal because you save $1.05.  Then you add coupons on top of that and you have a greater savings.)
  5. This is the tip that will set you over the top.  Go online to your Brands and look for coupons.  Then go to one of my favorite sites called where you can print coupons from the site, visit other sites that are on the coupon tab, and start purchasing coupons in bulk from the sites that sell them.  Don't worry - purchasing coupons will not defeat the purpose.  These sites cut coupons out of newspaper ads for you, plus you get the amount that you need.  You will find coupons at those sites that you cannot get in your state or region.  It will save you a bundle.

Florida does not have double or triple coupon days.  Your best deals usually come through BOGOs.  Now, you can put that extra money towards giving to the poor or for your homeschooling efforts!

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