Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top Ten Things To Consider When Fingerpainting With Your Kids

  1. Get fingerpaints that are washable.
  2. Have your activity area prepped with newspaper, a stable bin with rinse water, a sponge or paper towels (for hands).
  3. Make sure to get smocks or an old shirt for the artist.
  4. Pour or squeeze the paints yourself (ideally onto a paper plate)--don't allow your young ones to do it unless you help them.  (But beware the lack of "paint restraint")
  5. Get involved with your own paper.  Demonstrate lines and circles and waves, etc. with your painting fingers.  Then the artist can copy you.
  6. Let them have fun! (--exercise patience if you are not) . . . By getting their whole flattened hand(s) involved and by allowing them to paint  their own abstract creation without too much interference from you.  They love this! 
  7. Set up the activity outside on a nice day (Hold paper down with rocks).
  8. Let it dry outside with a rock holding it down on the corners or hang it with clothespins in the wind.
  9. Let them show their family members.
  10. Display it in a frame or take a picture of it and "scrapbook" it.
My son's apple tree
Crayola 4ct Washable Fingerpaints Primary

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