Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gluten-Free? Stop Eating Fruity Pebbles!

I have been convinced by my daughter that Fruity Pebbles are gluten-free.  So I let her have them because I did not see anything in the ingredients that was harmful.
But . . . certain old symptoms began to crop up again in my daughter and I became suspicious.  So I googled.
Of course, I found many who made this claim of Fruity Pebbles being gluten free but sorry people, it is NOT.
Please understand that Post has no plans to commit to calling any of it's products gluten-free because Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, and Cupcake Pebbles are made on the same machines as all the other gluten cereals.  Therefore, there is cross-contamination and therefore you are eating crumbs of gluten.  (Remember it only takes one crumb to set off the gluten chain reaction, and 4-36 months for your villi in the small intestine to heal so that you can begin absorbing nutrients again.)
I have learned, since I am so sensitive, not to eat anything unless it says specifically GLUTEN-FREE and MADE IN A DEDICATED FACILITY--because there are products that claim to be gluten-free but are made in a wheat facility which causes my hands to break out.  This is because many of us Celiacs who cannot process the wheat protein (because of our disease) are also allergic, in general, to wheat.
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